Earlier this year, my good friend Karma and I came across a Twitter account called @DairyGirlProbs. I can't convey to you how excited we were.

Unfortunately, neither of us have been able to track down the genius(es) behind this account. If you have any leads, please email me. We would love, love, love to talk to them and congratulate them on their brilliance.

Anyway, I bounced an idea off Karma, and then a few other dairywomen friends and now I'm taking it site-wide to the Proud to Dairy network. (Also see my friend Jessica's blog about it here.)

I'm asking all dairywomen to share their best #dairygirlproblems. Post an update to Facebook or tweet it out using the hashtag #dairygirlproblems. You can also email it to me or leave a comment below.

Here's one of my favorites from @DairyGirlProbs: You opt to drink water instead of milk ONE TIME and your family threatens to disown you. #dairygirlproblems

Here's a good one by @DairyCarrie: Told hubs my forehead has a tumor. He disagrees and thinks it's my unicorn horn and all this time I thought I was polled. #dairygirlproblems

Here's one from Karma: Why are there semen tubes in the laundry basket? #dairygirlproblems

And here's one of my favorites from a Pennsylvania friend: A girl loves her toes in the sand… too bad it's freestall sand. #dairygirlproblems

We'll be compiling the funniest ones on Friday, Oct. 25 for our November "Women in Dairy" issue. I also plan to tweet out submissions from the Proud to Dairy Twitter account.

Thanks in advance for sharing your #dairygirlproblems!

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