Have you noticed I set lofty goals and then I can't meet them?

Yeah. Me too.

This time last month I was going to try to reach 100 consumers. I don't think I did. I did talk to a few, though. So I figure if they then talked to a few of their friends, I got close to 100 by multiplication. There was a time in my life where I would wallow in self pity for not making a goal, now I specialize in what I call Justification Optimization. I decided I would focus in high quality contacts. I did remember, once, to walk up to someone in a store who had milk in their cart and say "thank you".  I am pretty sure they thought I was nuts. But I felt good. I have had a couple people out for dinner though, and that's been a tremendous success. Victory, right?

The truth is, I entertain a lot and many of those people haven't been on a dairy before much less a large one so I'm probably doing more communication than I thought. Last fall, we got in a program that I've really come to love; the "booster family" program at the College of Southern Idaho. CSI athletes, in particular those that come from out - of - state are assigned a "booster family".  We make those student athletes part of our family while they're here and give them a home - away - from home. Our booster athlete is a volleyball player from Las Vegas.  Alex is very much a city girl. Since August, she's spent many weekends with us and is slowly, but surely getting more comfortable around the farm. The first weekend she was here, my husband told her chocolate milk came from the brown cows (our Jerseys). When she didn't question him, we were a little worried. She's come a long ways.

"I like the dairy," Alex told me. "The dairy is a lot different from home but touring the dairy I can see how much you guys care for your animals and give them the best treatment."

Just the other day, she brought a friend up and as we were giving the tour Alex started answering questions like an ol' pro. I was really proud of her. Her family has come to visit and we've made what I hope will be lifelong friends. Alex's friend, Adrianna, is from Los Angeles. She just graduated from CSI and has been coming up to the farm this summer before she heads out for her next college. She jumped right into farm life. After telling her family about her visits, they've scheduled a trip here for later this month. 

"I've always been a farm boy at heart," her father told me over the phone. "I can't wait to get up there."  

When the girls are here, they're part of our family. They have chores like the rest of us and are expected to help when needed. The other day, my husband needed help in the fields so the girls headed out to pick rock. A few hours later, they came in covered in dirt. 

"I have new respect for the American farmer," Alex said as she collapsed on the couch.

So maybe it wasn't 100 consumers. But I think our message got through.



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