As our cows left the farm, it was a gray, cloudy day, which accurately reflected our mood. But we found a silver lining to help lighten our gloomy thoughts as we went through the herd sale process the last few months.  Once we advertised our cows for sale, we had a lot of younger farmers contact us about buying our herd. We were so pleased to find that there are still a lot of eager young people who want to get into the dairy business.  Dairy farmers really aren’t a dying breed, as some people fear. With enthusiastic young people like the buyer of our herd coming into this business, it gives us hope for the future of dairy farming!

Even though we no longer have cows on the farm, we will always consider ourselves dairy farmers. We will continue to proudly wear our PTD hats with the Jersey cow logo and will still participate in our Franklin County Dairy Promotion Association. We are and always will be "Proud To Dairy"!

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