Thankfulness Might Be Hard to Come by This Year

We are a week out from Thanksgiving as I write this post. This year the holiday will not be exactly as we envisioned it months ago. Honestly, the entire fall hasn't turned out exactly as we thought it would. When I looked ahead this past summer I envisioned us getting ready for our new baby that will be coming in January. I figured I would be waddling around the kitchen making food for our family gatherings and heading out to the barn to help with holiday chores. Other than the baby doing summersaults in my belly I figured most everything would be normal. 

This fall has included massive amounts of stress and lots of bedrest, versus normalcy. Knowing we had a high risk pregnancy on our hands, we had been prepared for something like this. What we didn't expect was my bedrest to start in October. We also didn't expect for me to be completely bedridden before Thanksgiving. It has caused a great deal of stress on my parents and husband who have had to pick up the jobs I normally do. We have had so many friends and family coming out bringing meals for us, because I can't even cook, which is my favorite hobby. This pregnancy has required a very dedicated village. 

Even though we all have a whole new level of stress there is so much to be thankful for. In Michigan it was a phenomenal year for harvest and field work. Everything got finished up earlier than it has been in quite a few years. It was tough because there were so many things to do in the barns, but we needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

Each week we are making huge progress on the baby front. We are so thankful and blessed to be the parents of this little life. Although we cannot wait to meet Baby K, we do not want to meet him or her too soon. So far, the bedrest seems to be working and we have had good reports from the doctors lately. Each week is a milestone and as a family we are thankful for it. 

Although life never seems to work out exactly like we plan it (especially on a farm), there is so much to be thankful for even when life includes a bed, your computer and television. 

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