I'm sure most of you have seen this humorous list before, but my mom sent me it in an e-mail recently, and I thought I'd post it to the site.

I found an old newspaper clipping while digging for something else the other day. I remember the day your dad clipped it out of the newspaper and hung it on our kitchen bulletin board. While I don’t have an author and I may not have the entire column, the date on the back of the clipping is October 3, 1992.

The Purchase:
The local car dealer, who was known to have taken advantage of several people in the community, informed a farmer that he was coming over to purchase a cow. The farmer priced the cow as follows:
BASIC COW: $499.95
Shipping and Handling: $35.75
Extra Stomach: $79.25
Two-tone exterior: $142.10
Produce Storage Compartment: $126.50
Heavy-duty Straw Chopper: $189.60
Four-spigot High Output Drain System: $149.20
Automatic Flyswatter: $88.50
Genuine Cowhide Upholstery: $179.90
Deluxe Dual Horns: $59.25
Automatic Fertilizer Attachment: $339.40
4-by4 Traction Drive Assembly: $884.16
Pre-delivery Wash and Comb: $69.80
Additional Dealer Adjustments: $300.00

TOTAL LIST PRICE (including options): $3,143.36

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