The Top 5 coolest things to happen on Proud to Dairy

In addition to having a Christmas theme, the December issue of Progressive Dairyman each year features a year-in-review and showcases the best of the best content from the past 12 months.

Click here to browse through the digital edition. You’ll see the Top 25 most well-read online articles, the Top 5 New Technology articles and a selection of 10 editors’ picks.

For Proud to Dairy, we decided to countdown the five coolest things we noticed this past year related to either the Proud to Dairy brand name or online here at

#5: The Proud to Dairy map at World Dairy Expo

Although not new to World Dairy Expo (this was its second appearance), the map project did have a unique twist this year. Along with encouraging attendees to place a sticker dot on the map to indicate where they are from, we also set up a camera to take a picture every minute of every day throughout the week.

We compiled the time-lapse photos into a video so that readers could see the progression of the map over the course of the event. Click here to see the video at:

#4: 160 more blog posts since 2010

Last year in this issue, we counted down the Top 5 most well-read blog posts.

Since that time, an additional 160 posts have been added to the site. We see regular posts from Ohio dairy producer Brenda Hastings, Oklahoma dairy producer Clay Walker, Michigan dairy producer Joanmarie Weiss and staff at Lely USA.

The Top 5 most popular posts this year were (according to Google Analytics):
(Click a link to read the blog post.)
• “Long, hot summer” by Clay Walker
• “Building our robot barn begins” by Joanmarie Weiss
• “Friday Focus: Prevention of Heat Stress” by Lely USA
• “Share stories, pictures and videos of fall on your farm” by Brenda Hastings
• “Create a Facebook fan page for your farm” by Brenda Hastings.

Click here to browse through all of the blogs posted to the site under the “BLOG” tab.

#3: “Dairy Blogs We Love” page

Around April 2011, we created a page on that was dedicated to providing links to blogging sites maintained by dairy producers and those involved in the allied industry.

This list features close to 40 links and is searchable by title or location.

Click here to see the list so far. Email with your name, location and blogging site to have yours added.

#2: Proud to Dairy now has “Like” buttons

In May 2011, we took advantage of a new feature from the Ning network creators: the “Like” button. Proud to Dairy members can showcase what content, profiles and status updates they like with a single click. There’s also a Facebook Like button to post a favorite video or photo directly to a Facebook profile. Log on today to let us know what you like!

#1: The 600+ members

We were ecstatic when we reached another membership milestone on November 1. Tara Vander Dussen from Clovis, New Mexico, was our lucky 600th member and received a Proud to Dairy hat. We also awarded a Proud to Dairy hat to our 2,000th fan, Penny Day from Northfield, Vermont, at

You can earn a free hat by joining the Proud to Dairy network and posting a blog or video about why you’re Proud to Dairy. You can also purchase a hat at:

We’d love to reach 1,000 members on the Proud to Dairy network by the end of 2012, and we hope you’ll help by inviting your friends, family and neighbors.

Thanks to everyone who has joined and shared with the network your stories, photos and videos, as well as your struggles and successes on your dairy operation.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year! PTD

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