Lauren and Jake are my two good friends who helped me with my Flavor Face-Off video.  They are both town kids.  They didn't know anything about dairy before I introduced them.  They knew I had "moo cows" and thought they were cute.  Jake got all excited one day when he had just got boots and wanted to wear them out to the farm when we went.  
I take them with me some times on weekends to do chores while we are hanging out together.  
I try to teach them everything I can think of, but I felt sorry for them when Mom started to explain heat tapes and heat cycles and signs of heat.  You should have seen the look on Jake's face!
Lauren comes from a family of six children-four girls and two boys.  Her family loves the "moo cows".  One of her little sisters even dressed up as one this past Halloween.  They wish they could have a milk cow so they didn't have to buy so many gallons of milk at the store.  We explained what all is involved to have your own cow and to milk and to pasteurize. So they are going to keep supporting dairy farmers by buying their milk at the store.  
Jake and Lauren have helped me feed.  They have even helped me play stock show, each leading an animal of their own.  Mostly they just like to hug and pet on my animals, and that's just fine with me.
I even named one of my little Brown Swiss bulls after them: JL Apple.  J for Jake and L for Lauren.  
They think farm stuff is cool.  I hope I had something to do with that.

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