Well Hello, it has been a long time. I have been up to so much lately that I have fallen behind on blogging. Since I posted last a lot has happened. I have had many articles written about the group, helped prepare my sister and the rest of the Cortland County 4-Her's for Dairy Quiz Bowl, and have tried to stay on top of my studies. Today I want to talk a little about quiz bowl and the importance of 4-H.

I started 4-H when I was 8 years old and participated in many events until I was 19 and was kicked out for being to old. One of those activities was Dairy Bowl, which is kind of like Jeopardy. This event teaches children facts about dairy farming and the animals themselves.

In helping my sister study I have found that across the country the questions are almost identical. Which in a way surprised me, but it makes sense why would they be different. We all suffer from similar problems, any cow can get acidosis, Johne's, ketosis, D.A.'s and so on. Also we all feed our animals similar feed, treat them with similar products, and milk them in similar parlor's. So why do we often feel so alone?

I feel this happens because we are all so afraid to step up and support each other. This is the most important thing of all, I attended a County Holstein meeting last night where the support was present but that is because we all show together, it is important that we remember to reach out to all those not in our community.

Enough rambling for now, Erin

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