Villa Rosa Dairy and Illinois Partners talk Robotic Milking

A couple of months ago, we talked about a YouTube video, courtesy of Illinois Partners, in the blog, Illinois Partners Features Villa Rosa Dairy.

Today, we ‘d like to continue that discussion and invite you to read a recent online article by Illinois Partners about Villa Rosa and the Johnson brothers who became one of the first Illinois dairy farms to adopt robotic milking technology.

Illinois Partners has the full story in their article, Udder Delight: Robots Rejuvenate Dairy Farm’s Milking Process. The following is an excerpt from the online article:

Soon after assuming the farm, the Johnson brothers found they worked 16-hour days and still fell behind. Their days included milking 80 cows from 4 to 8 a.m. Then they worked eight hours on chores, maintenance, fieldwork and forage harvesting. By 4 p.m. they again were attaching milk machines to cows for four hours.

Kyle’s son was asleep when he left the house and ready for bed when he finished a day’s work. The milking parlor was outdated. Labor was an issue. Expansion was inhibited. The brothers first considered building a new parlor and hiring employees. However, as they toured Wisconsin dairy farms with robots, they learned that automation was a more economical choice for their farm.

The article goes on to discuss the transition to robotic milking and the impact it has had on the brothers, their families and the cows today.

We encourage you to read full article from Illinois Partners, available here.

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