Hey Midwesterners, have you seen the "Thank a farmer!" semitrailer yet? According to this Vita Plus news release, the trailers will travel more than 70,000 miles in a year! That's a great way for consumers to learn a little more about the people who producer their food! Read below for more info.
Eat food. Be healthy. Thank a farmer!

In an effort to celebrate farmers and the wholesome, nutritious foods they produce, Vita Plus rolled out its “Thank a farmer!” campaign with the introduction of a new semitrailer at World Dairy Expo. It is the first in a handful of trailers that will feature six family and team photos from farms across the Midwest. The trailers will travel throughout the Vita Plus market area, logging more than 70,000 miles in a year and promoting the message of “Eat food. Be healthy. Thank a farmer!”

“We have such an opportunity right now to engage with consumers who are interested in how their food is produced,” said Marjorie Stieve, Vita Plus marketing services manager. “This is something positive that Vita Plus can do. These trailers will help consumers and their families make a connection with a few of today’s farmers.”

Stieve continued, “We’re proud of the care and stewardship our customers provide for their livestock and land. The ‘Thank a farmer!’ campaign is a great opportunity for our company to share the message of what these producers focus on every day on their farming operations.”

Want more info on Vita Plus? Check out:
Vita Plus Facebook page
Twitter: @VitaPlusCorp and @NDefenseofFarms

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