This is the real question that all dairy producers, as well as all agriculture specialists, should be asking themselves. What are we, as an industry, as people, as entrepreneurs, essentially fighting for when it comes to animal welfare?

Tricky question huh?

Try this: Take about 5 minutes while you are reading this and ask yourself, "What am I, a dairy enthusiast, fighting for in the world today?"

Is it money? Is it pride? Is it passion? Is it to see the downfall of animal activist groups? Or maybe for your own family farm, your father's or your neighbor's?

Now think about WHY you are fighting for it. Is it for your own personal gratification? For someone else, like your parents or grandparents? Is it something you want your children to be equally passionate about?

For most people in our industry, all of those ideas have ran through their mind, especially as of lately, with the fate of agriculture on the line, and the public eye staring at us with eyes that show no mercy.

But the great truth is that agriculture will always be around, no matter what happens, because it is such a broad industry that houses a lot of jobs and opportunities today. People can be Farmers, Veterinarians, Scientists, Parents, Teachers, Journalists, Specialists... the list can go on and on.

Right now the country is going through a 'love animals and treat them better than humans' trend, and it is not showing signs of stopping anytime soon. And the thing of it is, producers may have needed this spotlight.

This is our chance- our time- to excel in what we know how to do. AGRICULTURE. INFORM. TEST. LEARN. LIVE. EDUCATE.

Let's start getting out and informing the public of our good deeds and practices, as well as changing our ways and practices for the betterment of ourselves. And let's do it not for the hopeful abolishing of animal rights groups, not for the pride, and not for the money, but for AGRICULTURE- our way of life and the general public's suppliers of food, fun, and down-home goodness.

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Comment by Ryan Curtis on November 24, 2009 at 9:29am
AMEN! You don't need a soap box or boxing gloves to fight for agriculture. Your example and relationships will do a lot of good and quickly dispel the lies some groups spread. Get out and meet people. Share your story like no one else can, or should.


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