College was a great experience for me. I have tons of memories, friends and lessons that I'll never forget.  But there are a lot of things I didn't learn in college that they should have classes for.  These are the real world things that everyone should know how to do.


#1 How to move.

The other half of my living room mess. Working on cleaning this up today!
The other half of my living room mess after moving the last time! 

Maybe learning how to move should be a senior year of high school class but I just had to figure it out on my own and that's not good. Through the years I've always used the method of "Just throw it in a box and if I need it later I can find it". I feel there has to be a better method to moving I have yet to find.  The fact that I can't find my cutting board is starting to really bother me.


#2: Save money.

I've gotten a lot better with this in recent years.  But when I graduated from high school or college I had no idea how to set up a budget, how to live by the budget and how to save money.  It's no wonder so many college students leave with so much debt, they simply don't know how to live in their means.  Every college student should have to take a class that teaches them how to spend their money responsibly.


#3: How to work with employees.

Everyone thinks after college you understand how to deal with people.  How to be a good boss or co-worker is a totally different situation.  How do you tell a co-worker that you just have too much on your plate without being disrespectful or not a team player?  How do you fire someone?  This is something I'm still testing the waters with, I hope to get this one figured out by tomorrow since my parents are going on a short vacation.


#4: Work with family.

My parents having a discussion
My parents having a discussion


I sure do love my family, but working with your family isn't always an easy thing...  Especially when you live in the same house.  Maybe a crash course on working with family would have been a great thing.


College was the best experience of my life but as usual, there's so much more to learn after college!  I'm learning something new everyday and I'm sure I will for years to come.

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