Wow, I just was informed that the dairies in Tillmook Ore. recieved a $7 paycut from Dec to Jan! I know here in Wa it'll be about $3. What is sad is it appears hardly anyone really cares. Oh sure a few AP stories and a local TV station interviewed a friend but.... People want all these things cheapo and dont get that it has to come from somewhere. Retail prices are acually higher now then 1 year ago and we get %50 less for our product! Well I suppose I am preachin' to the choir here but man it is reall gettin' to me. At the auction yard last week a few of us younger guys (under50) just laughed b/c what else are we gonna do? You cant "make up" $5 losses/cwt every day. On top of that we are getting only 5-10cents/lb for walking cull cows. Nice $13 check for a old open cow last week. Hold on MidWest the low beef price is coming from what I see. Does anyone get anything for bulls? We have been giving them to the "buyer" for 10 months. If it gets any worse the guy cant even justify picking them up. Urghh. Ray you will have to set up a "Proudtousedtodairy" site next. You hate to be negative but not alot of sunshine here to look at. I really want my girl to be ProudtoDairy but man we will see. I really hope there is a Prayer breakfast this week in Tulare b/c we all need it. Pray hard and drink milk.

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