Three months ago, I made the commitment that come June I would pack up my belongings and head out to the famous potato state to pursue an internship with Progressive Dairyman; a job in which I'm quite enthused about. Looking back, the moments that led up to June and to where I am today, I'd like to refer as my transition period.

Yes, I was the transition cow. Well, undergoing stress as if I was in her state of being. 

It was three weeks pre-departure and reality set in. The idea of moving nearly 20 hours from home made my stomach turn, quite literally. I was becoming disjointed from my social groups and pursuing a destiny where I wasn't entirely sure what was to be expected. I've seen smoother pre-partum adjustments on the farm. Imagine packing everything you've ever owned in a 9ft. trailer, and it fits. Now that is a perspective on life.  

The moment finally arrived and I began my first day on the job. It was chaotic and overwhelming, assignments and responsibilities were being handed to me left and right. For a split second I thought I was in over my head. 

As the weeks moved on, I began to realize my purpose and how I could contribute to the company. I molded to the routines of the office. Similarly, at this time, the transition cow becomes acquainted to the milking routines and her new pen mates. 

Nearly four weeks have gone by and I can confidently say that I'm accustomed to my new position. With all the worry washing away, I have found my purpose. And much like the transition cow, I hope my time can be spent productively, providing farmers with the essentials they need to run a profitable, enjoyable business. 

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